Do you write code?

Social competition.



Social leaderboards with customizable avatars in less than an hour.

Resets & Prizes

Run repeating competitions with prizes

Anti Cheat

Report scores from the client safely


Users spend an extra minute per session engaging with Galaxy leaderboards & clans, on average.



Drive viral growth as users invite their friends to compete together.

Direct Messages

In-game chat with friends

Bios & presence

Give players the feeling of authenticity


Earn revenue when users buy clothing for their avatar



Drive viral growth as users invite their friends to compete together.

Group chat

Filtered, real time chat


Allow players to invite friends to the game

Cross platform

Players on any platform can connect

Discord integration

Deepen engagement with a seamless integration into Discord


Get started with leaderboards for free.

Leaderboards, teams, and chat.

Custom Avatars
$499 / month
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Case studies

Investor Tycoon

After implementing clan leaderboards, Investor Tycoon saw:

  • +35% increase in D7 retention
  • +41% increase in D14 retention
  • >2X daily new users

Soccer Battle

Here's what players had to say about clubs:

“Finally!!! Clans in game!!”

“It's great, I love it! It encourages me to play more and it's nice to see the game go in this direction

“great job is cool idea
🫡🐐 Thx for clan in game”


Here's what Robertson from Leti Arts had to say:

"I recently had the pleasure of using the Galaxy leaderboard service for my Unity projects, and I have to say that it has been an absolute game-changer for me. The service was incredibly easy to set up thanks to the detailed documentation, and the team behind the service was always eager to assist whenever I experienced any difficulty. The service itself is both rapid and responsive, making it a pleasure to use, and it has a ton of amazing features that have really streamlined my workflow. I can't recommend this service enough to any game developers out there looking for a reliable and efficient leaderboard solution."


Unlock more revenue

Get paid when users convert Galaxy credits to your game's currency. Users earn credits from other games and products (like credit card points).

You earn 0.9 cents per credit converted.

Compliant with app store rules

Read more about the recent anti-steering verdict in the Apple vs Epic Games trial.

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Step by step

How it works

Integrate the SDK

Drop the prefab into your Unity project or integrate directly with our API.

Report Scores

Call .ReportScore(score). Scores are automatically propagated to Game Center and Google Play.

Show Leaderboard

Call .ShowLeaderboard()


What everyone is saying

“Having friends and family on the leaderboard is an extra incentive to do well”

Research Participant


Jaheim Philip

"It might be that my friend Gerard gets a really cool skin, and I’m like “well, now I want it”, or, I’m then comparing myself to him, because he’s got it and I don’t"

Research Participant


Maya Robins


Harriette Conway


Myah Peck